False hopes about Europe / Abroad

What are your hopes when you left your country to another place?

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Daily Post; Day 1- How can you know what someone is passing through?

I am standing by the bus station waiting for my bus to come and another bus which was not supposed to stop at that particular bus station stops in front of me and says „I normally do not stop here but where are you headed“? and I told him the train station he said „I am not headed there but I can take you to your destination“ and then I laughed and was cheered and happy that even though that wonderful man did not know me and whatever it is I am going through. He stopped to cheer someone up.

I thanked him and he moved on but that brought me to thinking 🤔. How did he know I needed a laugh or a push or ???.

As I stand here waiting for my bus, my thoughts start rolling. What are people going through? How can you know when people are going through hard times? And not even only that, how can you help? While all these thoughts are going through my mind, I watch people laugh and hold hands; I see a child riding his scooter with a stern face. I see an older man trying to walk down the streets, two young girls chatting and giggling, and the one ☝️question still going through my mind is, How can they know what I am going through?

My thoughts at the end of the day. Pics are taken from Pinterest.

You know nobody looks like what they are going through or dress like what they are going through. Two of my dear friends called me today saying, „Princess, dress up, put on makeup and go out, “ but I do not feel like doing what they suggested. What I feel right now standing by the bus station is to scream my heart out, wear my problems like a cloth so that everyone or anyone can press a stop 🛑 or like ❤️ button on me so as to push these problems away.

But you see that is not the case. And in reality even if it was.., would you be helped by random people? Would people care? Would they ask how well you are doing? Or all they actually want to hear in return is I am fine? Without asking real deep?

Well, my bus came and I drove with the bus to the train Station and there I see and hear a man singing and playing his instruments which also brought smiles to my face. I had to tip him ❤️. Now I am standing, still standing waiting for my train and all I am thinking is Problems NEVER ENDS!

But little snippets of love, care, cheering, word of encouragement, checking up and prayers go a long way.

Here is my daily Post for today. In the next ten days, I will be posting daily and hope I make it through. Could you cross your fingers for me? I hope you are doing well, and you can also share your daily rants and feelings here too, and I will be here to rant with you ❤️.

See you tomorrow here.


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Homemade Coffee and Honey Scrub ❤️

I know this may not seem like my usual post but its fun anyways because i did it myelf, tried it and it works. Besides, i have written this post for a while now. I said to myself hey just post it. So welcome to my DIY Blog.

If you are looking for a way to reduce spending a lush amount of money on Body care products. Then you are definitely welcomed to my post.

A year ago I traveled home to Nigeria. There, I realised that all my expensive body care products couldn’t withstand the Sun in Nigeria… Ohhhhh it was blazing hawttt I mean HOT. If I was a bar of meltable chocolate I wouldn’t have made it back to Germany. Ohh yes (Even though) I was born and raised there. I never thought I would feel the way I felt about the heat. The heat was something else. 🔥🔥🔥

A year ago I started following the ‘do it yourself’ ( DIY) trend and ever since it has been a lively and emancipating Journey.

For a year now, I have stopped buying my usual Body Care Products in Shops and Drogerie stores and I believe they(who exactly?) all have been secretly screaming my name (Princess come oooo Princess come ooo) Because their mumu Precious Gem has been lost.. ooo i have spent a lot of my money in this industryHA they haf chop my money gan ni ooooo.

Anytime I go to the stores to go buy a coffee scrub, the price ranges from 5€ – 30€ or even more. The last time I got one was for 8.99€ and my friend actually looked at me like I was running mad but I told her I loved it and it was for my Bodaaayyy…

Since i began doing it myself, oooo i love how my Body feels and better still i know exactly what ingredients are going on my Body.

Coffee has a lot of beauty Beneficials and this Homemade body scrub makes your skin not only succulent but also tighten your skin. So come with me as I take you on the journey of Coffee scrub.

Benefits of Coffee Scrub

  • It exfoliates dead skin away
  • It makes your skin so soft to touch
  • It improves circulation of blood in your body
  • It tightens the skin
  • It moisturize your skin and makes it feel succulent due to the 🥥 coconut oil
  • It soothes and calm your skin due to the Aloe Vera
  • It has a healing effect on your skin due to the honey 🍯
The coffee scrub mixture 🥥🍯☕️. It messy but please pardon me 🙏😘.

You will need

  • 2 tablespoons of coffee (freshly ground or used)
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice ( optional)


  • Mix the ingredients together until it forms a paste
  • Apply the scrub to your face first before getting into the shower and when in the shower apply to the body and massage well for as long as you can
  • Wash it off and feel the greatest of your skin come alive

This scrub also makes your palm feel tender and soft for like three days. It is really lovely to feel your palm after the scrub and the most wonderful thing about this DIY scrub is you know it’s not chemically done.

Me with the scrub on and after with a fresh face. P.S Again do not mind my hair net and the pics on the left was done with a light and on the right with sunlight. lol


Ernö Laszlo

I would love to hear from you and how you are coping with the quarantine? And also when you try the scrub either on your face or body, please do holla at me and tell me how it felt. You can also use this to take care of yourself since we are all trying new things out..

I hope we’ll all overcome this hard time. Stay safe my lovelies and also be very careful!

@ Princesspringles


Do you think our Modern Society Lacks Empathy?

Do you think our Modern Society Lacks Empathy?

— Weiterlesen princessanyasodor.com/2020/09/06/do-you-think-our-modern-society-lacks-empathy/

What do you think?? Are the people becoming more Empathless or the society is pushing them to? Please do leave a reply, like, share and follow back. Thank you 😘😘

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Are you Focused in this time?

I am leaning on my windowsill and looking out my bedroom window with a glass of Carrot juice mixed with lemon, orange and Grapefruit. It is quite tasty you should try it. Ok back to why I am at my window. I just finished my Morning yoga flow and wanted to bring out my clothes before I go have my bath and then I heard the birds chirping.

I started wondering (wow) they are so loud! I started to ask myself, have I ever heard them so loud before? Which of the birds is chirping which way? Because they seem so many and their chirps were so loud and soothing like music to my ears. Why have I not heard them so intensive before? These are the questions that were running through my mind as I looked out my window.

You get what you focus on so focus on what you want

As I look out my window I realised for the first time that I am so still and everything around me is quiet. I am able to block out the noises of cars driving by and just concentrate on the birds and myself. Then I thought back and realised that practically all my life I have never been so still as the past month of this quarantine.

I have also come to realise in this time that life is really precious and you have to know what belongs to your heart and the people around you that you cherish and to know not only about their wellbeing but also their mental state of health.

Everyone has been thrown down a loop, everyone is at home trying to balance themselves and their businesses. Some are working from the comfort of their homes and others like myself are at home because their work has been halted due to this pandemic.

At the moment, I am trying to have a clear understanding of who I am, what I want, and what my foundation or core is and how I can build it in this period and after this period.
I hear all the time in this Pandemic that you have to build a skill or rather do something new for your self and I am like why not stay calm, do not overthink yourself but try and breathe in new air into your lungs and then the other things and skills will follow.

Currently everything is on a standstill and the time is not respecting anyone by standing still with us but rather flying by. You need to remember what is great about you, what your strengths are and where they lie. I mean this time you are taking out time for yourself to know yourself now, breathing in and out and knowing that no matter what you are passing through we will be fine later on.

It will be all well and beautiful as this Flower 🌹. I got this from the local flower shop close to me.

We are in this together and as we go through this COVID-19, I chant to myself that I love to get through times like this because it will bring out the best in me, it will make me think clearly, learn myself well and also to care for my health and then try and help other people, my family, to call someone and check on them if they are well or rather write them to know how they are doing.

Do things in this period all day in a way that uniquely suits.

Just start!!!

There is absolutely no need to Panic.

All these have taught me that life is really precious and should not be toiled with: Yes, we are humans but there are things powerful than us. If a virus can shut the whole world down!!! what cannot?

I wish you all well and would love to hear from you and how you are going through with Quarantine, what is helping you keep sane.


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Judging others🎤🎤

The last months of last year from October was a trying time for me. I felt I was not in a good state of mind. I was stressed and I got into a habit😱.

I was in a phase that I could not streamline my thoughts.

Then it started… I started judging people, if someone passed me by at work or wherever I was standing, sitting, looking at, in the train, while I was walking, in the restaurant, on the internet. I was constantly judging people either the way they looked, spoke, the race moved, smelt, or behaved.

Every single time I did it I felt like I was being drained of something but then again it came up and it would be back to square one class 101 on judging others.

I realised I spent so much time judging people that I started hating myself, I did not feel the rush of energy I always have ( ask people who know me), I started feeling less of myself and my state of mind became unproductive.t

I slowly started thinking (hey 😨 this is like a tunnel you fall into and climbing out feels like the walls of Jericho to get out.) What would have triggered this Emotion, feeling down and all because the same time I was judging these people it could have also been me they were equally judging. To be honest with you? I did not feel comfortable thinking that it could be me on that pedestal table. For all, I know the same things I did judge others about could also be what they judged me off and even more.

So why did I do it?

I traced it back to the time I started feeling too comfortable in my zone and I wanted more but did not know how to get out, to the time I started feeling inadequate of getting to a certain position in my life. I knew I could change if only I could master my mindset and streamline my thoughts to be about positive things. I am not saying everything and at every time that it has to be perfect, No!! What I am trying to say is that only when this thoughts and feeling starts dominating your thoughts and taking the existence of your happiness from you, then is it paramount for you to change things. Because happiness is the key.

In the following paragraphs, I will be writing three reasons why I think we judge others, what happens when we judge others and why we need to stop judging people.

Why do we Judge Others?

  1. I think we Judge others when our life feels constant and we are seeking for a change. When the feeling of t not moving forward seems unsurmountable, and we get jealous when we see others living their best lives and this pushes us to automatically judge others.
  2. I think we judge others when we are insecure about certain things in our lives and for some, they are clueless about what the problem is and how they can tackle it either from their childhood, family, parents, friends at work, their Bodies and so on. All these tend to lead one to judge others they see as perfect and thereby feeling good when they do it.
  3. I also think we judge others when we feel threatened. Either by the status of your partner, co-worker, friend, celebrity or when these people buy a new car, cloth, house and so on. We become scared that they would keep getting better whilst you stay under.

What happens when we judge others

  1. I think that when we judge others that we also judge ourselves and it makes us not only feel less confident but also we do not seem it able to raise our heads high.
  2. I noticed that while I judged others it was not of what they did to me but the Stereotypes surrounding their ethnicity, their Gender, appearances and language. Forgetting I am human, a woman and in a foreign country and there is practically a stereotype for everyone.
  3. I started thinking negatively and it breeds Negatively impacts in almost anything you think about. This could have an impact not only on yourself but people around you.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves

Carl Jung

Why you need to stop Judging

  1. Try to streamline your thoughts on positive things. Find no FAULT in others. Try as much as possible to avoid contact with people who also judge others so you do not fall. Always say something positive in your heart and you will notice that eventually, it will start popping out of your mouth
  2. Avoid Stereotyping people because you do not know them personally and even if you do it will only breed hatred in you.
  3. Try and focus everything in you to manifesting and meditating good things into your life.

There is a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they are the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone


Lastly, do not worry about others and do not judge others. Be kind to yourself and love yourself. Observe things and the world around you and then slowly but surely your perspective will be broadened.

I am getting there eventually because bad energy gat to stay far away😁😂. I cannot change whatever it was I was annoyed about but I can change ME.

Thank you for reading and I will be pleased to read your comments below on why do you judge people? How do you feel about yourself afterwards? And also how can it be stopped?.

I wish you all a lovely February.


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When I begin to think about what I have or had been through which in comparison to others is nothing, then I begin to think of 🤔 what would have been if I said the truth, If I wasn’t scared 😟, If I was bold enough, If I was more confident, If I had run and looked for help. If ….. if…. if …. only if…

Yesterday the 31.12.2019 I was thinking out loud and saying that I was grateful for everything last year had brought me and was going to make sure I go in harder next year, which practically starts today. My friend got a little upset that the ‘New year Resolution’ thing is being hyped. He said that there is nothing like a new year but just a new day. I agree with him but not totally.

I see a new year not only as a new day but also a new start. This goes for the decision I will be making, Goals to be attained, bad habits to be broken, to be more focused and committed.

A new year, Yes, could be just another new day, but for me it is the mental feeling I get from it. The feeling that motivates me, encourages my soul and lits the fire that I could be a better me this new year. Oh yes in the middle of the year it may not go as planned but we will keep moving.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate

Oprah Winfrey

Life is too short to be worrying and complaining but instead focus on how blessed you are for the simple things that you have.

The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don't give up. Words Of Encouragement Quotes On Life, Strength & Never Giving Up

Whenever I look 👀 back, I know now for sure that whatever happens in your life is your destiny and was predestined to be so.

Despite the challenges I am facing , I always want to be happy and positive even though some could be so hard. But the point is to be grateful and thankful for all you have.

2019 taught me a whole lot of things and gave me a new Dimension in life and also to see things from a different perspective.

Some things are so little we forget to take it into consideration. Little things they are, but are the biggest things. The importance of Gratitude 🙏 , are things like the air we breathe in, the bed we sleep in, food, a roof over our heads, love, happiness, being healthy and happy.

These things fill me in and make me glow from the inside because I am grateful to have these things.

Happiness is the utmost blessing a man can get if he has it. When you realize it the Earth 🌏 would move her best side to you.

How about you? What are you grateful for? Do you believe in New year Resolution? Do you think it is being hyped? Drop in the comment box below on how happy or the experiences you have had.

Happy New year and a wonderful month!



Be tough 🧶🧶🧶👑

I am trying to be tough.

But I can’t, cause I miss the Talks, stupid talks and nothing talks.

I am trying to be tough

Even though I know I have been manipulated, lied to, treated badly and dehumanized.
I still come out of it all not looking back and knowing that one day, I would say to myself ‘oh I was tough and still am’.
But then I ask myself what went wrong?
Was it You? Your inhibitions? Your Exhibitions? Are you not able to perform? Are you not able to Conform to the rules? Your Fears? Your over happiness? Your …….

I am trying to be tough
But I have to talk to myself Because if I don’t, I might lose it.
I am trying to be tough

But then I start counting how lucky I am that I went through the Experience. And how lucky I am that I will still pass through more challenges.
I have to thank a whole lot of people who have in any way turned me down or tried to look down on me. Those people gave me a new perspective on life.
This all has thought me that I am worth it.

Image result for toughPassItOn.com

I am trying to be tough
But then I start from the beginning remembering what never existed… no memories…

Then I am tough.

Because then I remember I am Me and will be me and when I start realising that I need to get and set my standards straight then I will be tough.

I am tough

Because I hope and also believe that for me to be me I have to be tough and not try to be.


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Arse licking😥🚶😕

I have seen Arse lickers, i have seen people who belittle themselves or think if they lick arses they would be pitied or given a share or rather be favoured.

According to oxforddictionaries the definition is ;

You all know we live in an arse-licking economy.

The realisation of your entity or rather your life comes in when you feel shrunked, crowded or overpowered than you can imagine. Then you start Feeling that you have no choice than to give in or even start agreeing against your principles and practices.

This is the life we live in, making people bend into not what we envisioned for ourselves but for the purpose of comfort and peace to reign.

Have you ever thought about people who goes against the comfort of others are seen as aliens? Or people who refuse to lick arses are seen as non compromising, too loud, empty space and also as stupid people untill this people start making money, or start making waves and also been heard.

You don’t have to conform, you don’t have to be quiet, you don’t have to listen to anyone or other people choices for you!!, You don’t have to put other peoples consideration before yours, you don’t have to live behind the norm of the societies you live in.


I tell myself Princess be you. Don’t let anyone try to say, you too loud, or you too happy, or don’t sing any more, or you too local, or you too old, or you too skinny, or you too fat or you won’t make it life or in a relationship, or you too sick or too fit.

Look don’t let anyone decieve you in saying too much of everything is bad. I think it is better to be or have too much as too less. If you like something go for it and if you dont like something change it or rather leave it.

Rather than licking arses to get what you want stand up for yourself and get something done!!

You can share your thoughts and experience of what you think. Would love to know.


@Princess Pringles.


I don’t give a F❤#*

I am great, i will be great. Am great.

These words i chant to myself as i was on the train going to work, when i finally realised… i had to get out from this cocoon of laziness i set in my brain. Since this month began, i have had this feeling of .. i don’t give a f💟k attitude on not doing anything. Which has really been a pain to me, cause i feel weak and useless doing nothing.

If you are out there and also feeling this way… raise your hands please😂🙋🙋

There are many types of i dont give a f💝k attitude and mine was the one that can make someone loses focus on his/her purpose in life. 😢😢😢 and thats definitly not my aim.

On my last Post I spoke about ‘what is your Purpose in life’ seriously i began to doubt me, myself and I 😒🙆🙆 in the sense that in this month of January, I had a NULL, ZERO, NO Orientation and Motivation mood in either reading, going to the University, being creative or the zeal to go to work.

I told a friend of mine (Opons) her nickname. How I was feeling and she said if everyone was feeling this way, definitely not me and I said why not? I mean everyone goes through this Phase in life and even more. So why not me?

So dont beat yourself so much… at least that’s what i tell myself 😂😂👸👸 and I try to think positive and know that no Condition is Permanent.

Every year people set goals on what to achieve… and some say they do whatever pleases them… 😂or (as the spirit leads). But for people like me it has to be clear. I have to know how, when, and what I have to do in order to see my thinking or dreams comes to Realisation. Maybe it’s because am a Virgo…… 😕😕😕

Anyways I had to write this to tell anyone who reads this that regardless of what you are going through, sickness, hardship, no Motivation, no orientation, no money, or if you lose someone. Bear it in mind that you are not alone and no one can help you rise out of whatever pit you are in if you dont talk to yourself.

Talk to yourself… every day and also pray.

Please share with me and others in the comment section below on how this year been so far.

Happy new year my darlings and great success and achievement in everything you do.

P.S. I also devote this Text to my Cousins the Georgewills and pray God consoles them on losing their father my Uncle and a friend who lost her Mum.

Adieu Daa/Martha💝💝💝

@Princess pringles.



What is your Purpose in life?

Live, laugh, Love

Broken handle!!, But still loved😘😂😂😂

Today as i laid on my Bed, my first thought was,

Princess what’s your purpose in life?

I have always asked myself this question but within the next second it leaves my mind or rather i thwart it away and focus on something else to organize in my brain.

Some people would love to travel, get married, have kids, learn new things, get rich, Study, buy expensive and Luxury cars, build good houses, meet their Idols, be Singers, renowned Artist and Professionals at whatever their choice of Career they choose.

I for one has always pondered what I wanted to be. As a kid I wanted to be a Doctor or an engineer (my family can attest to this I could repair practically everything… I mean tv’s and radios😛).

It was fixed in my head. But I loved to dance, listen to Music,(I could sing the whole playlist from the Radio), Pest people😂😛and also make people laugh.

I studied in the direction of my dreams but was not so sturdy like I thought I would be. Till I found what I love to do. Media.

Your purpose in life should be what Fulfils you. My childhood friend Blessing O. David said

Every one should find out what he has been called here for by God, and what God wants us to do with whom and how he wants us to do it.

I think for me its Happiness. Happiness is not a Livestyle but a choice between what works for you or rather what keeps you going, moving, motivates you, encourages you, wants to make you help others and also wants to make you live for another day.

Am still on the journey on finding my Purpose in life and also praying i keep getting directions on it.

My questions for you is, what is your purpose in life? And how do you intend to achieve it?

@Princess Pringles.


I Stand here🙄

Standing here trying to think😵😵😘😘

I Stand here not knowing my fate,                 What should i think?                                         I only write my Fate once in a year……           Do i even Love …..?                                           Does it look, seem and feel like Love?                 

I Stand here not knowing how to express my feelings,                                                         What should i think?                                         This Situationship is driving me CRAZY!       Do i even know how that feels?                       Cause it hurts where i never knew had pains,                                                                     Do they even know how to relate to this Situation?              

I Stand here trying to get my feelings in order,                                                                   What should i think?                                         I’m in doubt, thoughts scattered everywhere,                                                         Do i need to stay?

I Stand here confused, ripped out.

© Princessanyasodor.


You know them😕😎.


You know those friends who never say sorry whenever they are wrong.

You know those friends who you never know about their lifes. But they know your History uptill your great- great-grand parents.

You know those friends who never invites you to come eat, drink coffee or even water!!

You know those friends who always say their accounts is empty but its loaded.

You know those friends who never has your time.

You know those friends of benefits😉

You know those friends who are lowkey jealous of your success, beauty, brains, energy and literally who wants to be like you.

You know those friends who always eats from you. Always taking and never giving.

You know those friends who are jealous that you have other people or friends than them.

You know those friends who always say they will do this or that but never comes around doing them.

You know those friends who always lie so you dont know their next moves, cause they think you would do the same or steal their shine😔

You know those friends who always wants to do the same thing like you.

You know those friends who always parties but with them you can never discuss your Future together.

You know those friends who backstabs and gossips behind you.

You know those friends who never lends their help rather they think up excuses not to.

I have had those friends and still going to be having them

The question is; which of those friends do you have?

And how do you deal with them? It will be nice to read from you. Have a lovely weekend😘

@Princess pringles


Wierd day in Frankfurt.

I have been having this daydream of someone taking my Portemonnaie. Till it happened.😢😞😱
I was a bit ill at work after my day of fainting. Lol. I have never been this weak which makes me so unhappy that i can’t function like a normal person.

So i drank a lot of water this day because i was told to. I visited the Toilet more often which was a bit irritating cause i felt my bladder will burst if i dont.😵😵😵😵😵. 

Later in the day i was coming back from work. I missed the train which means the next one was going to be in an hour. I know my fate so i called my Friend💝 so i could make my waiting a bit pleasant and short. When i ended my call, i decided to visit the Toilet once more before the train moves because its always a long journey.

I decided then to leave my bag on my seat if not it would be taken. But i took my phone with me thinking it wasnt going to take two minutes. My other Princess conscience said take your Portmonaiee you big head before you regret it. I did.

While coming back from my PiPi moment i saw a ‘Spacko‘ man checking my bag out and i called out to him saying. Hey dude you see what you looking for? He turned and said ohh sorry miss i was checking if there was an empty bottle ‘Pfand‘ in your bag. I was so pissed i felt like crushing his head, i told him to take the whole bag that it would be better for us two😈😈😈😈.
Ok ok my saying is how come people who were sitting close didnt tell him Hey! Leave that bag alone! It ain’t yours! You know try to fend him away cause they knew it was not his. But this Land is a no Mans Land. ‘OYO’. Nobody gives a fig about you, if you dont take care of yourself, nobody will.

At the end am grateful that i listened to that Princess conscience and God also.

So be cautious, hardworking, thankful, grateful and always stay happy in this new month of May.😘😘😘


I cant serve two Masters!

It will be cool if at one moment i could be black and the next second white.. happy now and the next sad… No i learnt that a long time ago. It doesnt work for me. Am always in awe how people do that!! Am either one or nothing at all. I get so agitated when am happy, smell a good perfume, when am buying facial products.. ohhh you really would not want to be close to me… lol oh yes am soo addicted to those stuffs, when am about to eat a worthy Eba and soup, when am about eating meat lol.lets go back to our headies.. when am happy it radiates i feel this aura.. I always have it. I try as much as i can not to be annoyed because its not only good for me and my well being but also with the people around me. I snap, frown the whole day cause i cant pretend am happy when i know damn well am not. Things pratically go downhill for me.

I wish there can be a time-snapback where people can be able to erase certain things. I dont know about you but when am nervous i break plates… no no not intentional but it falls off my hands, i start thinking in circles, my energy zaps out. The funny thing is i always Sleep well even better than a normal day for me.. lol

So this a new one for me and i would like this blog to be a conversational blog whereby you write what makes you happy and also zaps you out.

Thank you for Reading. Much love 😘😘.


I never knew Love


Well I know it may not seem real or acceptable. But its true. I ask myself this question fast everyday and am sure most of y´all do too *winks*.

Some People say love comes from within or that it’s a force of nature that when man realises or recognizes it , they tend to go for it.

Well as a matter of fact Love hit me from a different angle not from parents, siblings, Family or even boyfriend.  It hit me from Life.  Trying to understand and appreciate what it did to me .

And what it does and mean to people in General.

This giving and taking is not what love is all about it’s the challenges, the giving and not expecting. But you doing your part to appreciate this giving and letting it reflects in not only your life but towards others and letting it spread not by spraying Money on the streets but through your happiness and ability to cheer up even though its not ok.

This love that can never be bought, sold or compromised is just LOVE! period. I try to get annoyed sometimes or even want to stay away but there is always this rush of cold air which gushes down my heart or rather do I say  my Soul and it clears whatever thought am Building up to be angry. Am still amazed at how it happens .

A lot of People recognizes what Love is all about like from a mother to her Child, love between a man and woman, love between Brothers and sisters, best friends and so on Yes I believe it does exist for this People.

If love heals as I always hear then why are some Things still Happening to us? why can’t we live as our Brothers keeper? why do we think “not normal”? why do we feel when we are in love our senses are supposed to leave us and act with just intuition and not with our heads? why are there wars? why are there people who suffers or intimidate the others cause their bearings are more than the other? * letting out a sigh* It seems different to me. Oh yes it does.

That`s why I say love struck me from a different angle and it was from LIFE!! itself its HUGE, overbearing, intimidating and frustrating. But something always happen to give you Love or to define that meaning.

It means different to every single being on Earth.

I read a lot and I found out that there is a million and one definition of LOVE not one corresponds to the other. We feel different, think different and act different.

So as I take you on my journey to how I feel, think and Love I would really do appreciate if you give me or write down below on your definition of Love. **hugs and kisses**.

Please do read, love and share

your girly darling,


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