I never knew Love


Well I know it may not seem real or acceptable. But its true. I ask myself this question fast everyday and am sure most of y´all do too *winks*.

Some People say love comes from within or that it’s a force of nature that when man realises or recognizes it , they tend to go for it.

Well as a matter of fact Love hit me from a different angle not from parents, siblings, Family or even boyfriend.  It hit me from Life.  Trying to understand and appreciate what it did to me .

And what it does and mean to people in General.

This giving and taking is not what love is all about it’s the challenges, the giving and not expecting. But you doing your part to appreciate this giving and letting it reflects in not only your life but towards others and letting it spread not by spraying Money on the streets but through your happiness and ability to cheer up even though its not ok.

This love that can never be bought, sold or compromised is just LOVE! period. I try to get annoyed sometimes or even want to stay away but there is always this rush of cold air which gushes down my heart or rather do I say  my Soul and it clears whatever thought am Building up to be angry. Am still amazed at how it happens .

A lot of People recognizes what Love is all about like from a mother to her Child, love between a man and woman, love between Brothers and sisters, best friends and so on Yes I believe it does exist for this People.

If love heals as I always hear then why are some Things still Happening to us? why can’t we live as our Brothers keeper? why do we think “not normal”? why do we feel when we are in love our senses are supposed to leave us and act with just intuition and not with our heads? why are there wars? why are there people who suffers or intimidate the others cause their bearings are more than the other? * letting out a sigh* It seems different to me. Oh yes it does.

That`s why I say love struck me from a different angle and it was from LIFE!! itself its HUGE, overbearing, intimidating and frustrating. But something always happen to give you Love or to define that meaning.

It means different to every single being on Earth.

I read a lot and I found out that there is a million and one definition of LOVE not one corresponds to the other. We feel different, think different and act different.

So as I take you on my journey to how I feel, think and Love I would really do appreciate if you give me or write down below on your definition of Love. **hugs and kisses**.

Please do read, love and share

your girly darling,


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