I cant serve two Masters!

It will be cool if at one moment i could be black and the next second white.. happy now and the next sad… No i learnt that a long time ago. It doesnt work for me. Am always in awe how people do that!! Am either one or nothing at all. I get so agitated when am happy, smell a good perfume, when am buying facial products.. ohhh you really would not want to be close to me… lol oh yes am soo addicted to those stuffs, when am about to eat a worthy Eba and soup, when am about eating meat lol.lets go back to our headies.. when am happy it radiates i feel this aura.. I always have it. I try as much as i can not to be annoyed because its not only good for me and my well being but also with the people around me. I snap, frown the whole day cause i cant pretend am happy when i know damn well am not. Things pratically go downhill for me.

I wish there can be a time-snapback where people can be able to erase certain things. I dont know about you but when am nervous i break plates… no no not intentional but it falls off my hands, i start thinking in circles, my energy zaps out. The funny thing is i always Sleep well even better than a normal day for me.. lol

So this a new one for me and i would like this blog to be a conversational blog whereby you write what makes you happy and also zaps you out.

Thank you for Reading. Much love 😘😘.

26 thoughts on “I cant serve two Masters!”

  1. Woow prreeeeee good start girl.
    You make me wish u not a good sleeping wich means never to be nervous 😁😁
    Keep it up and keep going.

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  2. I am happy when I think that Jesus loves me and that no matter what I do wrong or right it will never affect His Love for me. Many people can tell you God loves you but to hear Him everyday tell me He loves me heals my broken heart and gives me hope. I am happy when I see you. I am happy when we talk. I am happy when I see you happy and when I realise God loves too forever and He will fight for you till the last second. I am happy to know you you are a blessing to me and I hope to be a blessing to you. Love you sis

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    1. Oh my God you give me life everytime i hear from you. Thank you for sharing what makes you happy . Glad i know you and also knowing that GOD is a and my Rock i dont worry. With him i do things without fear and also with love. Thank you again.😘😘😘😘


  3. Nice one. Just waking up every morning makes me happy already, looking forward the new day. On the other hand when things comes out as not expected it zaps me😅 But it’s not that often because I believe everything happens for a purpose.
    Can’t wait to start reading your blog🤗

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  4. I can testify on how excited you get when buying especially meat.
    I am most happy when I am surrounded by honest people/friends/family..not just people with intentions of taking advantage of you. Most of all , mending my relationship with my creator would be my joy…not just happiness because to me I think happiness just last a while, but Joy…😀😀

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  5. Nice article Princess dear, I felt very excited reading your piece, knowing and reconfirming the fact that we can choose to be happy at all times. Yes we would have periods when we are expected to mourn, but we must have a clear understanding that we always have a choose to be happy.

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  6. I am happy when am opportuned to affect people’s​ life positively, achieving what Generally seems impossible, motivating people towards positive development, and convincing negative views to positive and progressive ones. Nice one from you Princess, looking forward for more.💪

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  7. Gboloroid here. Am happy when I can effect a positive outcome in any situation, when God makes the impossible possible through me (thereby increasing my faith exponentially), when I get to that plate of fufu & vegetable soup with plenty obstacles inside, finish a project regardless of the payment or reward. But most of all am happy when I remember that no matter what God’s got my back and happiest that as a King I can make my Queen smile and see joy in my Princess’s eyes.

    What zaps me out is when people chose the path filled with strife and turn their backs on the path filled with happiness and fulfillment. Worst of all, is when they refuse that helping hand that wants to guide them out of their misery.

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