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Arse licking😥🚶😕

I have seen Arse lickers, i have seen people who belittle themselves or think if they lick arses they would be pitied or given a share or rather be favoured.

According to oxforddictionaries the definition is ;

You all know we live in an arse-licking economy.

The realisation of your entity or rather your life comes in when you feel shrunked, crowded or overpowered than you can imagine. Then you start Feeling that you have no choice than to give in or even start agreeing against your principles and practices.

This is the life we live in, making people bend into not what we envisioned for ourselves but for the purpose of comfort and peace to reign.

Have you ever thought about people who goes against the comfort of others are seen as aliens? Or people who refuse to lick arses are seen as non compromising, too loud, empty space and also as stupid people untill this people start making money, or start making waves and also been heard.

You don’t have to conform, you don’t have to be quiet, you don’t have to listen to anyone or other people choices for you!!, You don’t have to put other peoples consideration before yours, you don’t have to live behind the norm of the societies you live in.


I tell myself Princess be you. Don’t let anyone try to say, you too loud, or you too happy, or don’t sing any more, or you too local, or you too old, or you too skinny, or you too fat or you won’t make it life or in a relationship, or you too sick or too fit.

Look don’t let anyone decieve you in saying too much of everything is bad. I think it is better to be or have too much as too less. If you like something go for it and if you dont like something change it or rather leave it.

Rather than licking arses to get what you want stand up for yourself and get something done!!

You can share your thoughts and experience of what you think. Would love to know.

@Princess Pringles.

15 thoughts on “Arse licking😥🚶😕”

  1. True but I think other behavioral practices like conformity or being quite can emanate from the “social obligation” perspectives and not in the sense of arse licking

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    1. Being quite to my opinion can and sometimes cant be due to Social obiligation some people are naturally quite. Also to conform can also be tied to being positiv. Like i am an example of that


  2. How I agree to your views beiby, yet I have few objections.
    A question is to ask if arse licking is a positive factor or a negative factor. This is subjected to critical careful examination. An adage says you must act like a fool( that is; confirming to a foolish idea, knowing is not the best decision) to get certain things from a fool. ‘Apologies for my adjective’ Economically, wealth and resources are scarcely and sparsely distributed, imagine your most desired needs is in the control of the so called fool👌. Your ability to lower your intellectual capacity or level to achieve what you want in my judgement is wisdom, in this sense I will say arse licking is a positive factor. It then becomes negative if it is done out of ignorance, or if your purpose after arse licking is never achieved.
    Absolutely agree to being oneself, realistically, arse licking is a major feature in some personality. 😁
    Nice one beiby, it worth further debating. 👍

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    1. Wow i love your respond and also reasoning. There is actually the act of integrity and also the sense of one being as a human being. that But if I look at it from your view when I lower my self to get something from a fool. “The fool” thinks itsa normality and the next person comes and does it and then it continues… That is actually this so called circle or triangle which does not have away out but rather somewhat been conformed into us thinking it is normal


      1. You are hitting the point, but so many times we really need patient to get things that belongs to uns .

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  3. One thing I know. Let me rephrase that….. One thing that I’ve always known is you have never been an arse-licker, princess. Bottom line to those who have ears: You’re a bad ass. And you do not need to conform to the standards of others. Be you and Do You!

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