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Daily Stress

Before I began writing this post I have trashed about 4 of this piece because every time I start I always ended up writing something else that was not related to it… you see my life?

Now I sit here chewing an Alnatura Kokos chocolate because am soo jittery and stressed.

Stress is something that kills a lot of people and has a lot of detrimental effect on our body, mind and health.
We come across Stress in our daily life and think about how we can prevent our past deeds from reoccurring, in order to avoid being stressed.

This is our daily lives! Going to work, running to get the bus, train, trying to get the kids to school before work, go get them after work, sick, tired, family issues, parents ill, send money back home, school problems, house problems, Jobs on the low rise, People lose their keys, arrive late for appointments and forget to take important trips. Chaos, disorder and lack of plans make our lives difficult. They make our friends mad at us and we get holes in our teeth trying to put some order in it and so on.

I love this Tree!!! Its beauty is Awesome.🥰

Do you sometimes fantasize about an uncomplicated life? In which everything can be easy without having to deal with all the adversities of everyday life, errands, interruptions and other annoyances?

I do not know if this good life can be achieved.

Nowadays we try to make everything as simple and natural as possible. But can it be achieved?
There is no such thing as a completely simple Stress-free life, but then if we had it, it would probably no longer be life.

The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life.

Peace Pilgrim

Nevertheless, we should try to make it easier all the time, because it gets complicated by itself.
If you don’t make an effort to maintain efficiency, simplicity and order, you soon sink into piles of paper, lose the overview and get overwhelmed with everything around you.

Chaos has always meant danger from the beginning of time. This is another reason why simplicity is a basic human need.
The simplest way offers various steps that affect all important areas of your life: your things, your money, your time, your health, your fellow human beings, your partner, your ego and your spirituality.

Simplicity of living, if deliberately chosen, implies a compassionate approach to life. It means that we are choosing to live our daily lives with some degree of conscious appreciation of the condition of the rest of the world.

Duane Elgin

Struggles, difficulties are part of life’s business. The war we are in is finished. It is said in the Book now thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus. For every battle of life for every difficulty, for every struggle, there is an assurance of victory over anything.

If if you ask me right? Princess how do you deal with your daily Stress hmm (thinking Deeply). I will say at every moment I am stressed, it is always a chain reaction which is from loosing my mind, then getting numb, then trying afterwards to get out of whatever situation I am finding myself in and I act on it immediately.

Truth be told Stress makes me act well. I found out when I am stressed I do things I think normally I would not be able to do it. It takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to do more.

Afterwards, I take out my Chilled Red wine (oh yes I like my Red wine chilled) and then drink it because finally I cannot come and kill myself…. 😂😂 I say to myself it will be alright because I am alive and grateful to be so.

My Lovelies how do you deal with your daily stress? What have you learnt about yourself when you are stressed? please do share your stories with me and also like the post and share also with your loved ones.

Happy new month


18 thoughts on “Daily Stress”

  1. Nice one Princess. I will like to add that our ability to handle the so called stress varies. Stress to one may be a normal day to day norm for another. One important thing to put in mind is that life never get easier , we only get stronger: this is how I deal with mine. 😊

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    1. Exactly Femi you are Right. There it is, what may be difficult for me, may be seen as normal to someone else. It never gets easier not at all. Thank you for your feedback 🙏😊


  2. Nice one AMARA 👍, stress is an inevitable part in life, to me i think my best way to get off stress is to keep a positive attitude, accept that there are events that you can’t control ,Be assertive always instead of been aggressive, exercise regularly,eat healthy and well balanced meals,💯

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  3. A writeup that summarized the true definition of a man who is still alive.

    Daily stress is a part of life. Like you have rightly pointed out stress is a necessity of one’s life that was why your titled it “Daily Stress.”

    Stress comes in different forms whether or not you are during a physical movement or a energy draining activity, either ways you are always stressed.

    Thinking or meditation is stress, some call it brain stress.

    Eating is stressful that’s why you feel so weak, lazy or will I say heavy that sometimes you cannot even move yourself or stand up after some huge meal. Most times you immediately feel dizzy or tired that you just wanna relax or sleep after eating. Of course, that trying to rest from the stress of metabolism.

    Focusing your attention looking something is stress, some same its retinal stress that’s why you always blink subconsciously to refresh your sight/eyes.

    Try to stay all day without doing any physical activities. At the end of the day you would still feel tired and want to sleep.

    You here people say “I’m busy doing nothing”. So not involving in any activities is equally a stress to your internal body organs that’s why during holidays or weekends or during this lockdown, you see lots of people walking out, jogging, cycling, etc. So they decided to choose external stress of doing physical activities so as to tackle the outcome of internal stress of not doing any activities.

    Sleeping is a form of relieving yourself of much stress but its not the absent of stress because your brain and your heart still work tirelessly during sleep. So I would simply call sleeping a form of refreshing your stress because it prepares you to tackle upfront stress or activities.

    So we only rest from our daily stress of life at death. I’m sure that’s why many people call it, Gone To Rest, Sleep On, Rest From All Labours, Rest In Peace, Eternal Rest and so on.

    Once again, thank you so much Lady P (as I popularly call her), for this wonderful exposure and reminder of what truly is the definition of a man who is still alive, summarized in a short title ” Daily Stress”.

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    1. Hello Emmanuel, I read through your comment and it got me astounded. Yea it is a break down of what I literally meant and hoped it would be picked on. Everything is Stress. I have been in the hospital where even for someone to breath was stressful. And thereby when someone really want to have a stress free life then it would have to be the end of that person.
      Thank you for being so in-depth and analyzing the post. You too much. 🙏🙏😂😂😂


  4. Nice Topic to talk about dear Princess. Oftentimes we place too much pressure on ourselves. Things or situations which belongs to daily life are now considered as stress. With this in mind, we worry about everything and feel overwhelmed causing a lot of ill-health to ourselves.
    I have learnt to take ” one step at a time”.
    In all our busy schedules, we can set priorities to things that matters most.
    But I an assure you that that “Sufficient for the Day is the Trouble thereof”.
    My Godfather always told me while I was growing up that “tick says the Clock, tick, tick and what you have to do, do quick”.
    I applied this principle in my life and I see it work and even as a mother of 4 kids, I trained them knowing this.
    We must do what we HAVE TO DO and it belongs to life and makes life sweet.
    My motto is “I am too blessed to be stressed and life without challenge is too boring”
    So friends know that “You’ve got all it takes to runn your life and make it”

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    1. Karen Brown said we should take a look at our habits and change those that don’t serve us and also buildings that will. Which sums up your comment on us setting priorities on what matters most. You are an inspiration to me Frau Uba and I appreciate you. Thank you


  5. Wow wow wow, beautifully summed up Princess. that’s just life. Stress is something I refused to be part of my life. It varies actually. It takes away joy, peace of mind and happiness. These 3 things are what I can’t afford to loose as long as I live 😃.
    Thanks for sharing these with us ❤️

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  6. My dear… Where do i start on how i handle my daily stress… Bec seriously its a daily think, even if i try to feel relaxed, the thoughts about some issues would always Pop back into my head.. I ove your Post. I believe address Ing the fact that we are stressed is one step to over coming sadness. I always try to go hiking (mostly on paths where there’s a few other people).. Helps me alot to be calm. Or i just think about the future plans and know i have something to Look forward to.. There should be always be hope!

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