Schock, RIP, Easter, Love

Easter Schock!!! Forever Cherished in our Heart ❤️.

Friday 02:04:2021: I was at home feeling a bit weak even though it’s an holiday. I woke up quite a bit early to clean and wash clothes, do exercise and go back to bed with my laptop writing and working. My friend came over later that afternoon and asked we should go for a walk. I was abashed!! This same person I have been trying to drag with me for my daily walk Never wants to honour my daily walk with me, claiming I LOVE BUSH TOO MUCH!! Well, we went for a walk bought doner to eat in the park and took a stroll down the lahn (riverside). We walked for more than an hour and decided to go back home.

I got calls from my dad, spoke with my brother and my friend. We went off to sleep and my eyes 👀 were really open. I was so restless, 😬 I couldn’t focus and sleep like I always do after prayer or when in the middle of meditation I sleep off. I could not. My friend said why can’t you sleep and I said I do not know why, so I pretended to be asleep while I was wide awake so as not to disturb

03.04.2021; 07:00 am. I was awake and my friend went to read for an exam while I stayed in the room waiting for the time to fly by so I can drink my coffee and do my exercise. We worked on our various doings and then decided to leave for Frankfurt and then in Frankfurt we went shopping for Easter 🐣. I wanted to make waterleaf soup and then I found out that all this While I have been using the Feldsalat as waterleaf. (Which I cooked on the 21.03.2021 for my Sisters/bestfriends). I bought all our easters food went home and I was taking karrioff 🤣( you know what I mean). When we went home, we ate, and went to sleep. Again I could not sleep. I did not understand why but I was not frustrated because I felt ok maybe tomorrow would be better.

Today the 04.04.2021: is my Father and uncle birthday and I was happy for them and could only be happy because it is not only their birthday but Easter Sunday too!!! I wrote and shared to all my family and friend the Happy Easter wishes and put on some funny videos on my WhatsApp Status so my friends could laugh their asses off. But one person did not respond to my message. I checked severally because she is my bestfriend/sister but got no reply. So I called her and when I got no reply I thought she was with her family so I called my other bestfriend/sister (we are the three Musketeers) and she wished me a happy easter and I did wish her too all the best.

Our trip to Hamburg.❤️🎈

I called my family and they all were on celebration and I was so happy. I cooked the soup and it was so tasty. I ended my lent today with a champagne 🍾 and I got drunk because during the lent I gave up alcohol (I am sure that some can relate that if you have not taken alcohol for a while and then you take it, you get intoxicated easily KOLO). I went to sleep afterwards and still could not sleep properly.

O5.04.2021 it was a Monday and the Epic Heat Programm from Caroline Girvan starting and i was pumped and so eager to start my workout. After I finished I made some Akara and salad. So we ate it like an Akara burger. Afterwards, I decided to have a nap. When I woke up after about an hour nap I got three missed call at about 14:15 from my friends Mama and her Brother. I was surprised why she called me so I called back. Hmmmm…… her son, my friends Brother picked the call and asked if I have heard from his Sister? I said huh? Today? Easter? I said no I sent her a message yesterday and got no reply so I told him to hang up let me call my other friends.

I called people I thought she could be with, and they said no they have also not heard from her in a while, so I called the mum back, and she said she has been trying to reach her since yesterday (Easter Sunday) since she was supposed to celebrate Easter with them. She said that she had sent her nephew to check at her house, which he did thrice but said all curtains were down, and it seems like she was not at home. So I told her to call the police and ask them to go to her house. I then called another friend close to her to please go check her up, but before she could get there, the Mum called to tell me that the police did not find her at home. We were all a bit relieved, thinking, ok, she would come back home. We then later suggested that since the brother has her keys, he should go to the house and check up on her, which he did, but you see, it’s a five hours journey. The calls in between were turmoil, rollercoaster, impatience, thinking, wishing, praying and also hoping that she was at least alright.

Our last Adventure in Weilburg. 21.04.2021

05.04.2021 10:30 pm the brother should be getting to her house. I called. He did not pick me, and my other friend called, and she said he is also not picking the call. We spoke for about 20 minutes, and I brushed my teeth for going to bed, knowing fully well that I will not sleep again. I was praying that she would be ok. By 11:00 pm, my friend called again and asked if I had heard anything from the brother, and I said no. Her mum also said her son is not picking up her calls. By midnight I was finished with worries because I was trying to calm my other friend that maybe he is with her now and they are quarrelling on why she is making us all go through stress.

I tried to lay down but could not by 01:13 am. I got missed call from a friend, and by 01:42, my friend called, and when I heard her voice, I knew it was over.

😭😭😭😭Our Queen. Always there for us all.

My heart bleeds, my heart is broken, my life is bleak, my soul groans, I wailed. My thread, Supporter, soft-spoken, always smiling, ever-loving no matter the stress or problems she is having, a Faithful God-loving woman, an excellent dancer, a worshipper of God, the most creative crochet maker, photographer, ever ready poser, never caught unaware, most intelligent teacher, patient with kids, the baddest tailor, makeup artist, the best hairstylist and Who would journey with us now? Who?? Our Peace, ever smiling, our driver, our calmness, crochet maker, earring and necklace maker(jeweler), tailor, hairdresser, photographer, model, poser, heavenly dancer, solutionist, prayer warrior, my elder sister, friend, kids lover, if she was with your child you can be rest assured your child is well, singer, always there for everyone, best listener, makeup artist!!!Information Technology graduate is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The three ladies Musketeers ❤️💎.

08.04.2021 is three days now, and I am still in a loop. Prisca’s Mother and Poor brother who found her are still in a dream!!!!

Prisca PRISCA PRISCA PRISCA!!! Bikonu 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 , this is a shock that we all want to wake up from. But you are Gone, torn from us. The only comfort we can have is that you loved your God, and I am sure you are singing and dancing for him right now. The loss is so hard for a young, most talented woman to be gone so soon.

I am glad we could go on the last trip last week to Weilburg. I am so happy we all ate, danced, talked deeply, and I am so grateful to God that I always made you laugh. The 21.03.2021 was our sendoff unknowingly for you, (as a friend put it). I pray for the comfort of the Lord should be onto your Mother and family. They need it the most.

Glory be to God like you always say! Rest in God’s blossom.

It’s been 24 days since you left us. We are still shocked, and I Pray God consoles and comforts your Mother, Brother, Uncle and other Family members. Even though it was a Painful Exist, we still give God the glory for a life well spent as yours. You birthed peace and love everywhere you went to, your Aura was so soothing and not to be compared with; your slowness to everything was a powerful tool that no one can imitate because even though you were slow, you were still fast. Little by little, it is coming to a Realisation and oh, we miss you so dearly.

I love you, we love you and thank goodness you knew it.

You are Gone, but never will be forgotten and always Cherished in our hearts.


8 thoughts on “Easter Schock!!! Forever Cherished in our Heart ❤️.”

  1. It was a great shock when you called called me telling me that you are not good.

    Prinsca, she was a true definition of good heart and goodness. She was my Goodness (as I friendly calls her).

    Difficult to beleive she is gone, I have been left with so many “why and How” because she’s the last person any one could imagine her death at this point in time.

    Nevertheless, I trusted your pure heart and your hood morals and I very sure that you are in the right place. Remember that I will always be proud of you and my sister Priscess will forever be proud of you.

    Rest well till we meet to path no more.

    Good night dear Prinsca. 🌹

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  2. Princess thanks. Well put together. We thank God for victory over death. Cus Jesus died and rose again that we might gain life through him. she is rejoicing with the Lord.
    God bless ❤❤❤🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t have the opportunity to tenet Prisca in Person. I bet she was ra joyous and lively person based on our video call on New Year’s Eve.

    Princess I have known you to always be a friend and an emotional support to many. No amount of comfort can make someone feel better during a time like this. May the Good lord comfort you dear and lead you in your daily.

    Also that waterless soup eh …Damn! It was delicious I swear.

    Liked by 1 person

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